Some of my recent talks


Invited talk at the 20th anniversary of FORMATS Zone-based verification of timed automata: Extrapolations, simulations and what next? Warsaw (Poland), September 2022
Invited talk at FoIKS'22 Memory complexity for winning games on graphs Helsinki (Finland), June 2022


Invited talk at RV'21 On the (Approximate) Analysis of Stochastic Real-Time Systems Online, October 2021
Invited talk at CONCUR'21 Parameterized concurrent games Online, August 2021
Invited talk at GDR GPL (blog post) De l'analyse automatique de systèmes temporisés au contrôle de systèmes dynamiques Online, June 2021


Invited talk at Spotlight on Games On finite-memory determinacy of games on graphs Online, October 2020
Invited talk at RP'20 When are Finite Games Finite-Memory Determined? Online, October 2020


ATVA'19 Game Theory and Verification: Tutorial and Talk Taipei (Taiwan), October 2019
TIME'19 Verification and Game Theory Malaga (Spain), October 2019


Seminar at LIS (Marseille) Nash equilibria in games on graphs with a public signal monitoring Marseille (France), May 2018
FoSSaCS'18 Nash equilibria in games on graphs with a public signal monitoring Thessaloniki (Greece), April 2018


Seminar at IRIF Nash equilibria in games on graphs with a public signal monitoring Paris (France), December 2017
Workshop "Resource-aware Strategic Reasoning in Multi-agent Systems: Logic & Games" Nash equilibria in games on graphs with a public signal monitoring Evry (France), November 2017
JPO LSVLet's play!Cachan, September 2017
KiMfestAverage-energy gamesAalborg (Denmark), August 2017
Logic Colloquium 2017On the verification of timed systems... and beyondStockholm (Sweden), August 2017
OPCT'17Stochastic timed automata and beyondVienna (Austria), June 2017
Dagstuhl seminarAverage-energy games and beyondDagstuhl Schloß (Germany), March 2017


MFCS'16On the optimal reachability problem in weighted timed automata and gamesKrakow (Poland), August 2016
Digicosme schoolTimed automata and beyond: On the quantitative analysis of timed systemsPalaiseau (France), May 2016


TRENDS'15Stochastic timed automataMadrid (Spain), September 2015
NCMA'15On the optimal reachability problem in weighted timed automata and gamesPorto (Portugal), August 2015
AutoMathA'15On the optimal reachability problem in weighted timed gamesLeipzig (Germany), May 2015
CFV SeminarOn the optimal reachability problem in weighted timed gamesBrussels (Belgium), March 2015
Workshop ERCOn the value problem in weighted timed gamesVienna (Austria), March 2015
Dagstuhl seminarApproximation of the value in a weighted timed gameDagstuhl Schloß (Germany), February 2015
QuantLA SeminarOn the optimal reachability problem in weighted timed gamesDresden (Germany), January 2015


CONCUR'14Averaging in LTLRoma (Italy), September 2014
EATCS Summer SchoolRobustness in Timed SystemsTelč (Czech Republic), July 2014
MOVEP'14An introduction to timed automataNantes (France), July 2014
GT Games of GDR IMRobustness in Timed Automata: A Game-Based ApproachParis (France), January 2014


RP'13Robustness in timed automataUppsala (Sweden), September 2013
LCCC Workshop on Formal Verification of Embedded Control SystemsRobust control of timed systemsLund (Sweden), April 2013


IFIP WG 2.2 meetingQuantitative models for verification -- A timed-automata-based perspectiveParis (France), September 2011
Presburger Award at ICALP'11A travelling story with timed automataZürich (Switzerland), July 2011
Journées du GDR IMNash equilibria in timed gamesParis (France), January 2011


WATA'10Energy management in timed systemsLeipzig (Germany), May 2010
HSCC'10Timed automata with observers under energy constraintsStockholm (Sweden), April 2010
AVACS Spring SchoolFrom timed automata to complex systems - Stochastic timed gamesOldenburg (Germany), March 2010
QMC PhD schoolReal-time model-checking: Copenhagen (Denmark), March 2010
Dahstuhl seminarManaging resources in timed systemsDagstuhl Schloß (Germany), January 2010


MSR'09Modelling, analyzing, and managing resources in timed systemsNantes (France), November 2009
Autumn School VTSA'09On the verification and control of timed systemsNancy (France), October 2009
QUANTLOG'09On the Model Checking of Timed and Weighted Temporal LogicsRhodes (Greece), July 2009
Quasimodo meetingWhen are Timed Automata Determinizable?Nijmegen (The Netherlands), June 2009
ACTS'09Quantitative Timed GamesChennai (India), January 2009
Habilitation defenseFrom Qualitative to Quantitative Analysis of Timed SystemsCachan (France), January 2009


Farman seminarEnergy consumption in timed systemsCachan (France), November 2008
GAMES'08Quantitative timed gamesWarsaw (Poland), September 2008
Automata and verification workshopProbabilities in Timed AutomataMons (Belgium), August 2008
ICALP'08On Expressiveness and Complexity in Real-time Model CheckingReykjavík (Iceland), July 2008
LICS'08Almost-Sure Model Checking of Infinite Paths in One-Clock Timed AutomataPittsburgh (PA, USA), June 2008
Dagstuhl seminarAn Introduction to Timed SystemsDagstuhl Schloss (Germany), April 2008
SeminarWeighted Timed Automata: Optimization ProblemsParis Dauphine (France), March 2008
SeminarProbabilities in Timed AutomataBordeaux (France), March 2008
Workshop TFIT'08Model Checking Timed Temporal LogicsTaipei (Taiwan), March 2008
Quasimodo kick-off meetingA probabilistic semantics for timed automataAalborg (Denmark), January 2008


M4M-5Model-checking timed temporal logicsCachan (France), November 2007
10 years of LSVOn the reduction of energy consumptionCachan (France), November 2007
FORMATS'07Symbolic Reachability Analysis of Lazy Linear Hybrid AutomataSalzburg (Austria), October 2007
SeminarThe Cost of PunctualityUppsala (Sweden), May 2007
FoSSaCS'07Model-Checking One-Clock Priced Timed AutomataBraga (Portugal), March 2007
SeminarA Probabilistic Semantics for Timed AutomataOxford (UK), March 2007
SeminarThe Cost of PunctualityParis (France), March 2007


CORTOS'06Weighted Timed Automata: Model-Checking and GamesBonn (Germany), August 2006
MFPS XXIIWeighted Timed Automata: Model-Checking and GamesGenova (Italy), May 2006
LATIN'06Robust Model-Checking of Linear-Time Properties in Timed AutomataValdivia (Chile), March 2006


PaRISTIC's daysCORTOS ProjectBordeaux (France), November 2005
MSR'05Observation partielle des systèmes temporisésAutrans (France), October 2005
Summer school ARTIST2Foundations of Timed SystemsNässlingen (Sweden), October 2005
Summer school ETR'05Vérification de systèmes temporisés et hybridesNancy (France), September 2005
AVoCS'05Optimal Timed GamesWarwick (UK), September 2005
INFINITY'05Optimal Reachability Timed GamesSan Francisco (USA), August 2005
GDV'05Partial Observation of Timed SystemsEdinburgh (UK), July 2005
Spring school GAMESSynthesis of Timed SystemsBonn (Germany), March 2005
JSI'05Automates temporisés et extensions : frontières de la décidabilitéCachan (France), March 2005


FSTTCS'04Optimal Strategies in Priced Timed Game AutomataChennai (India), December 2004
Winter school MOVEP'04Real-Time and Hybrid SystemsBrussels (Belgium), December 2004
Tutorial at QEST'04Timed Automata - From Theory to ImplementationTwente (The Netherlands), September 2004
Spring school EPIT32Timed Models for Concurrent SystemLuminy (France), April 2004
HSCC'04Staying Alive as Cheaply as PossiblePhiladelphia (USA), March 2004
Intro to verificationIntroduction à la modélisation et à la vérification
Application aux systèmes temporisés
Cachan (France), September 2004


CAV'03Timed Control with Partial ObservabilityDenver (CO, USA), July 2003
ACL'03Timed Automata - From Theory to ImplementationChennai (India), January 2003

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