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Research at LSV focuses on the verification of computerized systems, of databases and of security protocols. LSV develops the mathematical and algorithmic foundations to the development of tools for automatically proving correctness and detecting flaws.

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Internship and PhD proposals are regularly posted by LSV researchers on our themes.

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the scientific report for the 5-year contract 2014--2018 [in French]

the LSV book: LSV bookSystems and Software Verification. Model-Checking Techniques and Tools

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D. Baelde, A. Lick and S. SchmitzDecidable XPath Fragments in the Real WorldIn PODS'19. ACM Press, June 2018. To appear. Web page | BibTeX )
V. Cortier, A. Dallon and S. DelauneEfficiently Deciding Equivalence for Standard Primitives and PhasesIn ESORICS'18, LNCS 11098, pages 491-511. Springer, September 2018. Web page | PDF | PDF (long version) | BibTeX )
D. Baelde, S. Delaune and L. HirschiPOR for Security Protocol Equivalences - Beyond Action-DeterminismIn ESORICS'18, LNCS 11098, pages 385-405. Springer, September 2018. Web page | BibTeX )
V. Brattka, S. Le Roux, J. S. Miller and A. PaulyConnected Choice and Brouwer's Fixed Point TheoremJournal of Mathematical Logic, 2018. To appear. BibTeX )
P. Karandikar and Ph. SchnoebelenThe height of piecewise-testable languages and the complexity of the logic of subwordsLogical Methods in Computer Science, 2019. To appear. Web page | PDF | BibTeX )

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