Gilles DOWEK

Gilles Dowek

I am a researcher at Inria at the LSV, in the Deducteam team and professeur attaché at the ENS Paris-Saclay.

I am interested in the formalization of mathematics (type theory, set theory, etc.), in proof processing systems (proof-checking, automated theorem proving, etc.), in physics of computation, and in the safety of aerospace systems. Here is the list of my publications.

I contribute to the Logique course in the third year of the bachelor degree. I contribute to the preparation of the Agrégation de mathématiques. I teach the course Foundations of proof systems at the MPRI. Here are its course notes Proofs in theories. Here are the videos of ten lectures of 1:30 each of the course the principles of programming languages I taught at École polytechnique.

Some of my course notes have been published, as books, others are on line.

I am interested in education and I try to draw the attention of the adminstration to the need of introducing computer science in K-12. I am a member of the joint ITIC group of the Société Informatique de France and the organization Enseignement public & informatique. I have been a member of the Committee apointed by the Minister of Education to suggest a computer science curiculum for senior high school students, this has lead to the curiculum published in the Bulletin officiel on October 13th 2011. I have participated to the report of the Academy of Sciences L'enseignement de l'informatique - Il est urgent de ne plus attendre. I am a member of the Scientific board of La main à la pâte.

I am a member of the Scientific board of the Societé informatique de France and of the CERNA, Commission de réflexion sur l'éthique de la recherche en sciences et technologies du numérique d'Allistene, l'Alliance des sciences et technologies du numérique. In the past, I have been Deputy Scientific Director of Inria in charge of the domain Algorithmic, Programming, Software and Architectures.

I also have been a consultant for the National Institute of Aerospace, a lab of the NASA Langley research center. Among other things, I have participated to the development and the proof of ACCoRD, an Airborne Coordinated Conflict Resolution and Detection system.

I try to make science popular with books, videos, a monthly column in Pour la Science.

Finally, I am interested in the philosophy of sciences. Here a some books and papers.

new The slides of my talk at Upscale
new L'expression « intelligence artificielle » sème le trouble
new Formal methods at MPRI
new The slides of my talk at Montevideo
new The slides and exercises of my course at La Escuela de Ciencias Informáticas in Buenos Aires. Monday: slides, exercises. Tuesday: slides, the rules of natural deduction, exercises. Wednesday: slides, exercises. Thursday: slides, exercises. Friday: slides.
new Les transparents de mon exposé Penser l'enseignement de l'informatique dans le contexte du nouveau lycée lors de la journée Enseignement de l'informatique au lycée - nouveau paysage
new The slides of my talk L'informatique transforme les sciences, les techniques, les institutions et la notion d'humanité at Marseilles
new The slides of my talk A proof library shared by different proof systems at the National Institute of Aerospace.
new The slides of my talk Formal methods: a plea for knowing what computers do at Tenth NASA Formal Methods Symposium.
new Le temps des algorithmes 在中国 : 算法小时代:从数学到生活的历变 平装
new Execution traces and reduction sequences
new Le temps des algorithmes receives the award La Science se livre
new Vivre, aimer, voter en ligne, et autres chroniques numériques
new The paper and the slides of my talk Analyzing individual proofs as the basis of interoperability between proof systems at Fifth Workshop on Proof eXchange for Theorem Proving
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