Alain Finkel

Professor, ENS Paris-Saclay

Project ACTER
This project aims to train volunteer teachers in the basics of cognitive emotion analysis so that they can support groups of students in using the emotion analysis grid to improve their treatment of problematic learning situations. Start planned for the end of June 2021.

Informatique - Recherche

The computer science laboratory of the ENS Paris-Saclay (LMF) and the computer science laboratory of the university of Bordeaux (LaBRI) are jointly seeking a postdoctoral researcher funded by the ANR project BraVAS on the formal verification of vector addition systems and extensions.

Candidates with experience in logic, automata, formal verification and algorithmics of the verification are encouraged to apply. The candidate will be able to do a theoretical post doc and/or to contribute to a new VASS verification tool. The position is full-time for a fixed term of one year at the LMF. The BraVAS project is presented in full details on the following website

Stages de printemps 2020 pour étudiants en L3 et M1
Cerveau prédictif et modèles informatiques

Manuel d'analyse cognitive des émotions

For inquiries, contact the principal investigator, Alain Finkel, at

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