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STACS'23PC Track B co-chairTheoretical Aspects of Computer ScienceHamburg (Germany), March 2023
CSL'23PC memberComputer Science LogicWarsaw (Poland), February 2023


FSTTCS'22Invited speakerFoundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer ScienceChennai (India), December 2022
FORMATS'22Invited speakerFormal Modeling and Analysis of Timed SystemsWarsaw (Poland), September 2022
FoIKS'22Invited speakerFoundations of Information and Knowledge SystemsHelsinki (Finland), June 2022
FoSSaCS'22PC co-chairFoundations of Software Science and Computation StructuresMunich (Germany), April 2022


CONCUR'21Invited speakerConcurrency TheoryParis (France), online, August 2021
LAMAS&SR'21PC memberLogical Aspects in Multi-Agent Systems and Strategic ReasoningOnline, May 2021


RP'20Invited speakerReachability ProblemsParis (France), online, October 2020
GandALF'20Games, Automata, Logics, and Formal VerificationBrussels (Belgium), online, September 2020
CONCUR'20PC memberConcurrency TheoryVienna (Austria), online, August 2020
ICALP'20PC memberAutomata, Languages, and ProgrammingBeijing (China), Saarbrücken (Germany), online, July 2020


FSTTCS'19Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer ScienceMumbai (India), December2019
ATVA'19Invited speakerAutomated Technology for Verification and AnalysisTaipei (Taiwan), October 2019
TIME'19Invited speakerTemporal Representation and ReasoningMalaga (Spain), October 2019
GandALF'19PC memberGames, Automata, Logics, and Formal VerificationBordeaux (France), September 2019
CONCUR'19Concurrency TheoryAmsterdam (The Netherlands), August 2019
MFCS'19PC memberMathematical Foundations of Computer ScienceAachen (Germany), August 2019
IJCAI'19Artificial IntelligenceMacao (China), August 2019
LICS'19PC chairLogic in Computer ScienceVancouver (Canada), June 2019
FoSSaCS'19Foundations of Software Science and Computation StructuresPrague (Czech Republic), April 2019
TACAS'19PC memberTools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of SystemsPrague (Czech Republic), April 2019


TIME'18 PC member Temporal Representation and Reasoning , October 2018
GandALF'18 PC member Games, Automata, Logics and Formal Verification Saarbruecken (Germany), September 2018
FORMATS'18 PC member Formal Modelling and Analysis of Timed Systems Beijing (China), September 2018
MFCS'18 PC member Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science Liverpool (UK), August 2018
FM'18 Best paper award Formal Methods Oxford (UK), July 2018
SR'18 PC co-chair Strategic Reasoning Oxford (UK), July 2018
CiE'18 PC member Computability in Europe Kiel (Germany), June 2018
FoSSaCS'18 Foundations of Software Science and Computation Structures Thessaloniki (Greece), April 2018


RP'17PC memberReachability ProblemsLondon (UK), September 2017
GandALF'17PC co-chairGames, Automata, Logics and Formal VerificationRoma (Italy), September 2017
FCT'17PC memberFundamentals of Computation TheoryBordeaux (France), September 2017
FORMATS'17PC memberFormal Modelling and Analysis of Timed SystemsBerlin (Germany), Septembre 2017
MFCS'17PC memberMathematical Foundations of Computer ScienceAalborg (Denmark), August 2017
CSL'17PC memberComputer Science LogicStockholm (Sweden), August 2017
LC'17Invited speakerLogic ColloquiumStockholm (Sweden), August 2017
LICS'17PC member, Workshop chairLogic in Computer ScienceReykjavik (Iceland), June 2017
SOFSEM'17PC memberCurrent Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer ScienceLimerick (Ireland), January 2017


FSTTCS'16PC memberFoundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer ScienceChennai (India), December 2016
GandALF'16PC memberGames, Automata, Logics and Formal VerificationGenova (Italy), September 2016
MFCS'16Invited speakerMathematical Foundations of Computer ScienceKrakow (Poland), August 2016
SYNT'16PC memberSynthesisJuly 2016, Toronto (Canada)
SR'16PC memberStrategic ReasoningNew-York (USA), July 2016
LICS'16Workshop chairLogic in Computer ScienceNew York (USA), July 2016
MOVEP'16PC memberModelling and Verification of Parallel ProcessesGenova (Italy), June-July 2016
CSR'16Computer Science RussiaSt Petersburg (Russia), June 2016
FSCD'16PC memberFormal Structures for Computation and DeductionPorto (Portugal), June 2016
TACAS'16PC memberTools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of SystemsEindhoven (Netherlands), April 2016


FSTTCS'15Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer ScienceBangalore (India), December 2015
MSR'15PC memberModélisation des systèmes réactifsNancy (France), November 2015
CSL'15PC memberComputer Science LogicBerlin (Germany), September 2015
CONCUR'15Concurrency TheoryMadrid (Spain), September 2015
FORMATS'15Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed SystemsMadrid (Spain), September 2015
LICS'15Workshop chair, PC memberLogic in Computer ScienceKyoto (Japan), July 2015
AutoMathA'15Invited speakerJewels of Automata: from Mathematics to ApplicationsLeipzig (Germany), May 2015
TACAS'15PC memberTools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of SystemsLondon (UK), April 2015
VMCAI'15PC memberVerification, Model Checking, and Abstract InterpretationMumbai (India), January 2015


FSTTCS'14Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer ScienceNew Delhi (India), December 2014
ATVA'14Automated Technology for Verification and AnalysisSydney (Australia), November 2014
CONCUR'14Concurrency TheoryRoma (Italy), September 2014
EATCS Young Researchers SchoolInvited lecturerAutomata, Logic and GamesTelč (Czech Republic), July 2014
LICS'14Workshop chairLogic in Computer ScienceVienna (Austria), July 2014
MOVEP'14Invited lecturerMOdelling and VErifying parallel ProcessesNantes (France), July 2014
HSCC'14PC memberHybrid Systems: Computation and ControlBerlin (Germany), April 2014
SR'14Strategic ReasoningGrenoble (France), April 2014


RP'13Invited speakerReachability ProblemsUppsala (Sweden), September 2013
FORMATS'13Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed SystemsBuenos Aires (Argentina), August 2013
CONCUR'13PC memberConcurrency TheoryBuenos Aires (Argentina), August 2013
ICALP'13PC memberAutomata, Languages and ProgrammingRiga (Latvia), July 2013
LICS'13Workshop chairLogic in Computer ScienceNew Orleans (USA), June 2013
GT VerifJournées annuelles du GT Vérification du GDR IMCachan (France), June 2013
Workshop on Formal Verification of Embedded Control SystemsInvited speakerFormal Verification of Embedded Control SystemsLund (Sweden), April 2013


MEMICS'12PC memberMathematical and Engineering Methods in Computer ScienceZnojmo (Czech Republic), October 2012
QEST'12Quantitative Evaluation of SysTemsLondon (UK), September 2012
FM'12PC memberFormal MethodsParis (France), August 2012
CIAA'12PC memberImplementation and Application of AutomataPorto (Portugal), July 2012
ICALP'12Automata, Languages and ProgrammingWarwick (England), July 2012
LICS'12PC memberLogic in Computer ScienceDubrovnik (Croatia), June 2012
FoSSaCS'12Foundations of Software Science and Computation StructuresTallinn (Estonia), March-April 2012
LATA'12PC memberLanguage and Automata Theory and ApplicationsA Coruña (Spain), March 2012


FSTTCS'11Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer ScienceMumbai (India), December 2011
MSR'11PC memberModélisation des systèmes réactifsLille (France), November 2011
ATVA'11Automated Technology for Verification and AnalysisTaipei (Taiwan), October 2011
FORMATS'11PC memberFormal Modeling and Analysis of Timed SystemsAalborg (Denmark), September 2011
CONCUR'11Concurrency TheorySaarbrücken (Germany), September 2011
ICALP'11Presburger AwardAutomata, Languages and ProgrammingZürich (Switzerland), July 2011
LICS'11PC memberLogic in Computer ScienceToronto (Canada), June 2011
TACAS'11PC memberTools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of SystemsSaarbrücken (Germany), March-April 2011
Journées nationales du GDR IMInvited speakerGDR Informatique mathématiqueParis (France), January 2011


FSTTCS'10Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer ScienceChennai (India), December 2010
QEST'10PC memberQuantitative Evaluation of SystemsWilliamsburg (VA, USA), September 2010
FORMATS'10Formal Modeling and Analysis of Timed SystemsVienna (Austria), Septembre 2010
CONCUR'10Concurrency TheoryParis (France), August-Septembre 2010
MFCS'10PC memberMathematical Foundations of Computer ScienceBrno (Czech Republic), August 2010
ICALP'10PC memberAutomata, Languages and ProgrammingBordeaux (France), July 2010
MOVEP'10PC memberModelling and Verifying Parallel ProcessesAachen (Germany), June-July 2010
WATA'10Invited lecturerWeighted Automata: Theory and ApplicationsLeipzig (Germany), May 2010
HSCC'10Hybrid Systems: Computation and ControlStockholm (Sweden), April 2010
QAPL'10PC memberQuantitative Aspects of ProgrammingPaphos (Cyprus), March 2010
FoSSaCS'10PC memberFoundations of Software Science and Computation StructuresPaphos (Cyprus), March 2010
AVACS Spring SchoolInvited lecturerAutomatic Verification and Analysis of Complex SystemsOldenburg (Germany), March 2010
QMC Winter SchoolInvited lecturerQuantitative Model CheckingCopenhagen (Denmark), March 2010
Dagstuhl seminarQuantitative Models: Expressiveness and AnalysisDagstuhl Schloß (Germany), January 2010


MSR'09Invited speaker, PC memberModélisation des Systèmes réactifsNantes (France), October 2009
VTSA'09Invited speakerVerification Technology, Systems & ApplicationsNancy (France), October 2009
EMSOFT'09PC memberEmbedded SoftwareGrenoble (France), October 2009
QEST'09PC memberQuantitative Evaluation of SystemsBudapest (Hungary), September 2009
CSL'09PC memberComputer Science LogicCoimbra (Portugal), September 2009
CONCUR'09Concurrency TheoryBologna (Italy), September 2009
QUANTLOG'09Invited speakerQuantitative LogicsRhodes (Greece), July 2009
ICALP'09Automata, Languages and ProgrammingRhodes (Greece), July 2009
SPIN'09PC memberModel Checking of SoftwareGrenoble (France), June 2009
QAPL'09PC memberQuantitative Aspects of Programming LanguagesYork (UK), March 2009
STACS'09PC memberTheoretical Aspects of Computer ScienceFreiburg (Germany), February 2009
ACTS'09PC member, speakerAutomata, Concurrency and Timed SystemsChennai (India), January 2009
SOFSEM'09PC memberCurrent Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer ScienceŠpindlerův mlýn (Czech Republic), January 2009


QEST'08PC memberQuantitative Evaluation of SystemsSaint-Malo (France), September 2008
FORMATS'08PC memberFormal Modeling and Analysis of Timed SystemsSaint-Malo (France), September 2008
GAMES'08Invited tutorial speakerGames and Automata for Synthesis and ValidationWarsaw (Poland), September 2008
Journées Montoises 2008Invited speaker at the workshopJournées Montoises d'Informatique ThéoriqueMons (Belgium), August 2008
CONCUR'08PC memberConcurrency TheoryToronto (Canada), August 2008
ICALP'08Automata, Languages and ProgrammingReykjavík (Iceland), July 2008
LICS'08Logic in Computer SciencePittsburgh, PA (USA), June 2008
MOVEP'08PC memberMOdelling and VErifying parallel ProcessesOrléans (France), June 2008
Dagstuhl seminarBeyond the Finite: New Challenges in Verification and Semistructured DataSchloss Dagstuhl (Germany), April 2008
FoSSaCS'08Foundations of Software Science and Computation StructuresBudapest (Hungary), March-April 2008
TACAS'08PC memberTools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of SystemsBudapest (Hungary), March-April 2008
QAPL'08PC memberQuantitative Analysis of Programming LanguagesBudapest (Hungary), March-April 2008
TFIT'08Invited speakerTaiwanese-French Conference on Information TechnologyTaipei (Taiwan), March 2008
STACS'08Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer ScienceBordeaux (France), February 2008


FSTTCS'07Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer ScienceNew Delhi (India), December 2007
M4M-5Invited speakerMethods for ModalitiesCachan (France), November 2007
MSR'07PC memberModélisation des Systèmes RéactifsLyon (France), October 2007
FORMATS'07PC memberFormal Modeling and Analysis of Timed SystemsSalzburg (Austria), October 2007
AVoCS'07PC memberAutomated Verification of Critical SystemsOxford (UK), September 2007
LICS'07Logic in Computer ScienceWrocław (Poland), July 2007
LFCS'07Logical Foundations of Computer ScienceNew-York (USA), June 2007
FoSSaCS'07Foundations of Software Science and Computation StructuresBraga (Portugal), March-April 2007


FSTTCS'06Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer ScienceKolkata (India), December 2006
ATVA'06Automated Technology for Verification and AnalysisBeijing (China), October 2006
FORMATS'06PC co-chair
Formal Modelling and Analysis of Timed SystemsParis (France), September 2006
AVoCS'06PC memberAutomated Verification of Critical SystemsNancy (France), September 2006
CORTOS'06Invited speakerControl and Observation of Real-Time Open SystemsBonn (Germany), August 2006
CONCUR'06PC memberConcurrency TheoryBonn (Germany), August 2006
GDV'06PC co-chairGames in Design and VerificationSeattle (WA, USA), August 2006
LICS'06Logic in Computer ScienceSeattle (WA, USA), August 2006
ICALP'06Automata, Languages and ProgrammingVenice (Italy), July 2006
ACSD'06Application of Concurrency to System DesignTurku (Finland), June 2006
MFPS XXIIInvited speakerMathematical Foundations of Programming SemanticsGenova (Italy), May 2006
LATIN'06Latin American Theoretical INformaticsValdivia (Chile), March 2006


FSTTCS'05Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer ScienceHyderabad (India), December 2005
Perspectives in VerificationOrganizationDoctor honoris causa of Wolfgang ThomasCachan (France), November 2005
MSR'05Invited speakerModélisation des Systèmes réactifsAutrans (France), October 2005
School ARTIST2Invited lecturerSummer School of the European Network of Excellence ARTIST2:
Component & Modelling, Testing & Verification, and Statical Analysis of Embedded Systems
Nässlingen (Sweden), October 2005
FORMATS'05PC memberFormal Modelling and Analysis of Timed SystemsUppsala (Sweden), September 2005
ETR'05Invited lecturerÉcole Temps-RéelNancy (France), September 2005
AVoCS'05Invited speakerAutomated Verification of Critical SystemsWarwick (UK), September 2005
INFINITY'05Invited speakerVerification of Infinite-State SystemsSan Francisco (CA, USA), August 2005
CONCUR'05Concurrency TheorySan Francisco (CA, USA), August 2005
GDV'05Invited speakerGames in Design and VerificationEdinburgh (Scotland), July 2005
FoSSaCS'05Foundations of Software Science and Computation StructuresEdinburgh (Scotland), April 2005
TACAS'05PC memberTools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of SystemsEdinburgh (Scotland), April 2005
GAMES SchoolInvited lecturerSpring School of the GAMES European ProjectBonn (Germany), March 2005
JSI'05Invited speakerJournées Systèmes infinisCachan (France), March 2005


FSTTCS'04Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer ScienceChennai (India), December 2004
MOVEP'04Invited lecturerMOdélisation et VÉrification des Processus ParallèlesBrussels (Belgium), December 2004
QEST'04TutorialQuantitative Evaluation of SystemsTwente (The Netherlands), September 2004
FORMATS+FTRTFT'04PC memberFormal Modelling and Analysis of Timed Systems,
Formal Techniques in Real-Time and Fault Tolerant Systems
Grenoble (France), September 2004
GDV'04Games in Design and VerificationBoston (MA, USA), July 2004
TACAS'04Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of SystemsBarcelona (Spain), March-April 2004
School EPIT32Invited lecturerSpring School of Theoretical Computer Science:
Theory and Applications of Concurrency
Luminy (France), April 2004
FAC'04Invited speakerFormalisation des activités concurrentesToulouse (France), March 2004


MSR'03Modélisation des Systèmes réactifsMetz (France), October 2003
CAV'03Computer-Aided VerificationBoulder (CO, USA), July 2003
TACAS'03Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of SystemsWarsaw (Poland), April 2003
STACS'03Theoretical Aspects of Computer ScienceBerlin (Germany), March 2003
ACL'03Invited speakerAutomata, Concurrency and LogicChennai (India), January 2003


RT-TOOLS'02Real-Time ToolsCopenhagen (Denmark), August 2002


CSL'01OrganizationComputer Science LogicParis (France), September 2001
CONCUR'01Concurrency TheoryAalborg (Denmark), August 2001
CAV'01OrganizationComputer-Aided VerificationParis (France), July 2001


MFCS'00Mathematical Foundations of Computer ScienceBratislava (Slovak Republic), August-September 2001
CAV'00Computer-Aided VerificationChicago (IL, USA), July 2000


ICALP'99Automata, Languages, and ProgrammingPrague (Czech Republic), July 1999


FSTTCS'98Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer ScienceChennai (India), December 1998

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