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J. Maier, M. Függer, T. Nowak and U. SchmidTransistor-Level Analysis of Dynamic Delay ModelsIn ASYNC'19. IEEE Computer Society, May 2019. To appear. BibTeX )
B. Bollig, P. Bouyer and F. ReiterIdentifiers in Registers - Describing Network Algorithms with LogicIn FoSSaCS'19, LNCS. Springer, April 2019. To appear. Web page | PDF | BibTeX )
P. Jancar and S. SchmitzBisimulation Equivalence of First-Order Grammars is ACKERMANN-Complete, Preprint, 2019. Web page | BibTeX )
S. Colin, R. Lepigre and G. SchererUnboxing Mutually Recursive Type DefinitionsIn JFLA'19. January 2019. To appear. PDF | BibTeX )
S. Haar, J. Kolcák and L. PaulevéCombining Refinement of Parametric Models with Goal-Oriented Reduction of DynamicsIn VMCAI'19, LNCS. Springer, January 2019. To appear. Web page | PDF | BibTeX )

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