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J. Goubault-LarrecqA Non-Hausdorff Minimax TheoremMinimax Theory and its Applications 3(1), 2017. To appear. BibTeX )
M. Dzamonja, S. Schmitz and Ph. SchnoebelenOn the width of FAC orders, a somewhat rediscovered notion, Preprint, 2017. Web page | PDF | BibTeX )
P. BouyerGames on graphs with a public signal monitoring.  Research Report 1710.07163, Computing Research Repository, October 2017. 28 pages. PDF | BibTeX )
H. Mandon, S. Haar and L. PaulevéTemporal Reprogramming of Boolean NetworksIn CMSB'17, LNBI 10545, pages 179-195. Springer-Verlag, September 2017. PDF | BibTeX )
M. Blondin, A. Finkel and P. McKenzieHandling Infinitely Branching Well-structured Transition SystemsInformation and Computation, 2017. To appear. BibTeX )

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