Mole - A Petri Net Unfolder


This program implements the Esparza/Römer/Vogler unfolding algorithm for low-level Petri nets. It is designed to be compatible with the tools in the PEP project and with the Model-Checking Kit - its input is a low level Petri net in PEP's ll_net format, and its output is the resulting unfolding in the mci format also used in the PEP tools.

This tool represents an overhaul of Stefan Römer's ERVunfold tool (which, in turn, is an enhancement of the EVunfold tool available in PEP). It is much smaller and does not have the vast set of options that ERVunfold has; in exchange, this tool is usually somewhat faster than ERVunfold. More information can be found in the Readme file.


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