LSV Seminar

The LSV seminar takes place on Tuesday at 11:00 AM. The usual location is the conference room at Pavillon des Jardins (venue). If you wish to be informed by e-mail about upcoming seminars, please contact Stéphane Le Roux and Matthias Fuegger.

The seminar is open to public and does not require any form of registration.

Past Seminars

Beyond Control-State Reachability for Communicating Pushdown Systems

Tuesday, May 31 2011 at 11:00AM
Salle de Conférence (Pavillon des Jardins)
Alexander Heußner (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

Pushdown systems synchronizing by unbounded, reliable fifo queues seem a quite natural model for distributed systems that communicate via TCP or MPI. Recent publications focus on the influence of constraining the network architecture on basic decidability questions, but do not allow to derive positive results beyond control-state reachability when assuming syntactic and semantic restrictions that are still "applicable" in practice. We present first ideas on leaving behind interleaving semantics in order to verify MSO properties based on a graph grammar based representation of a system's partial-order behaviour.

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