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Schnorr's Protocol

Author(s): C. P. Schnorr  (1991)

Summary: The Schnorr protocol is described by R. Cramer, I. Damgård and B. Schoenmakers in [CDS94].

Protocol specification (in common syntax)

A, B :   principal
Na, Nb :   fresh number
Sa :   private key
Pa = exp(g,Sa) :   public key

A chooses Na and computes a = exp(g,Na)
1.   A -> B :   a

B chooses Nb
2.   B -> A :   Nb

A computes r = Na + Nb × Sa
3.   A -> B :   r

B checks that exp(g, r) = a × exp(Pa,Nb)

Description of the protocol rules

A zero-knowledge protocol is designed for convincing the verifier of the validity of a given statement, without releasing any knowledge beyond the validity of the statement. This concept was introduced in [GMR85]. An overview can be found in [Gol01]. We present the Schnorr protocol which is described by R. Cramer, I. Damgård and B. Schoenmakers in [CDS94] and which uses this method.

The +, × and exp symbols denote respectively addition, multiplication and modular exponentiation.

Details of the computation done by B at the last step of the protocol:
  a × exp(Pa,Nb)  
= exp(g,Na) × exp(exp(g,Sa),Nb)  
= exp(g,Na) × exp(g,Sa × Nb)  
= exp(g,Na + Sa × Nb)  
= exp(g, r)  


A wants to prove his identity to B by showing him that he knows Sa without revealing it.




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