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Otway Rees

Author(s): D. Otway and O. Rees  (01/1997)

Summary: Distribution of a shared symmetric key by a trusted server. Symmetric key cryptography with server.

Protocol specification (in common syntax)

A, B, S :   principal
M, Na, Nb :   nonce
Kas, Kbs, Kab :   key

1.   A -> B :   M, A, B, {Na, M, A, B}Kas
2.   B -> S :   M, A, B, {Na, M, A, B}Kas , {Nb, M, A, B}Kbs
3.   S -> B :   M, {Na, Kab}Kas, {Nb, Kab}Kbs
4.   B -> A :   M, {Na, Kab}Kas

Description of the protocol rules

The nonce M identifies the session number.

Kas and Kbs are symmetric keys whose values are initially known only by A and S, respectively B and S.

Kab is a fresh symmetric key generated by S in message 3 and distributed to B, directly in message 3, and to A, indirectly, when B forwards blindly {Na, Kab}Kas to A in message 4.


The protocol must guaranty the secrecy of Kab: in every session, the value of Kab must be known only by the participants playing the roles of A, B and S.

When A, resp. B, receives the key Kab in message 3, resp. 2, this key must have been issued in the same session by the server S with whom B has started to communicate in message 2.



Claimed attacks

Type flaw in [CJ97], where A will accept in last message 4 the triple (M, A, B) as a fresh key Kab.
1.   A -> I(B) :   M, A, B, {Na, M, A, B}Kas
2.   B -> S :   M, A, B, {Na, M, A, B}Kas , {Nb, M, A, B}Kbs
3.   S -> B :   M, {Na, Kab}Kas, {Nb, Kab}Kbs
4.   I(B) -> A :   M, {Na, M, A, B}Kas


John Clark and Jeremy Jacob. A survey of authentication protocol literature : Version 1.0., November 1997.

D. Otway and O. Rees. Efficient and timely mutual authentication. Operating Systems Review, 21(1):8--10, 1987.
last modified 12/11/2002.
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