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Amended Needham Schroeder Symmetric Key

Author(s): Roger Needham and Michael Schroeder  (01/1987)

Summary: This is an amended version of Needham Schroeder Symmetric Key, by the same authors. Distribution of a shared symmetric key by a trusted server and mutual authentification. Symmetric key cryptography with server.

Protocol specification (in common syntax)

A, B, S :   principal
Na, Nb :   number
Kas, Kbs, Kab :   key
dec :   number -> number

1.   A -> B :   A
2.   B -> A :   {A, Nb}Kbs
3.   A -> S :   A, B, Na, {A, Nb}Kbs
4.   S -> A :   {Na, B, Kab, {Kab, Nb, A}Kbs}Kas
5.   A -> B :   {Kab, Nb, A}Kbs
6.   B -> A :   {Nb}Kab
7.   A -> B :   {dec(Nb)}Kab

Description of the protocol rules

See Needham Schroeder Symmetric Key. The extra exchange of the nonce Nb prevents the Denning Sacco freshness attack described in Needham Schroeder Symmetric Key.


See Needham Schroeder Symmetric Key.



See also

Needham Schroeder Symmetric Key, Kerberos V5.


R. Needham and M. Schroeder. Authentication revisited. Operating Systems Review, 21(7), January 1987.
last modified 08/11/2002.
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