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BAN modified version of CCITT X.509 (3)

Author(s): Michael Burrows and Martin Abadi and Roger Needham  (1989)

Summary: Modified version of the three messages protocol in the recommendations of the CCITT for the CCITT.X.509 standard (CCITT X.509 (3)).

Protocol specification (in common syntax)

A, B :   principal
Na, Nb :   nonce
Ya, Yb :   userdata
Xa, Xb :   userdata
PK, SK :   principal -> key (keypair)

1.   A -> B :   A, {Na, B, Xa, {Ya}PK(B)}SK(A)
2.   B -> A :   B, {Nb, A, Na, Xb, {Yb}PK(A)}SK(B)
3.   A -> B :   A, {B, Nb}SK(A)

Description of the protocol rules

Compared to CCITT X.509 (3), the identity of B has been added to the signature in message 3. This prevents the [BAN89] attack on the CCITT X.509 (3) protocol, which can occur when B does not check the timestamps. With this modification, the timestamps become redundant and can be removed.


See CCITT X.509 (3).



See also

CCITT X.509 (1), CCITT X.509 (1c), CCITT X.509 (3).


Michael Burrows, Martin Abadi, and Roger Needham. A logic of authentication. Technical Report 39, Digital Systems Research Center, february 1989.
last modified 16/01/2003.
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