Sylvain Schmitz

Assistant professor

Habilitation Defense

I defended my habilitation thesis titled Algorithmic Complexity of Well-Quasi-Orders on

Monday, November 27 2017 at 02:00pm
Daniel Chemla amphitheater (Institut d'Alembert)
Sylvain Schmitz


Verification, infinite systems, well quasi orders, formal languages, parsing, computational linguistics

Recent Publications

D. Baelde, A. Lick and S. SchmitzA Hypersequent Calculus with Clusters for Tense Logic over OrdinalsIn FSTTCS'18, Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics. Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, December 2018. Web page | BibTeX )
D. Baelde, A. Lick and S. SchmitzDecidable XPath Fragments in the Real World, Preprint, 2018. Web page | BibTeX )
D. Baelde, A. Lick and S. SchmitzA Hypersequent Calculus with Clusters for Linear FramesIn AiML'18, pages 36-55. College Publications, August 2018. Web page | BibTeX )
B. Bérard, S. Haar, S. Schmitz and S. SchwoonThe Complexity of Diagnosability and Opacity Verification for Petri NetsFundamenta Informaticae 161(4), pages 317-349, 2018. Web page | BibTeX )
S. SchmitzAlgorithmic Complexity of Well-Quasi-Orders.  Mémoire d'habilitation, École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay, France, November 2017. Web page | BibTeX )

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Recent Talks

Séminaire automates, 2:30pm, February 9, 2018, IRIF, Université Paris-Diderot, France.
I presented a talk on the algorithmic complexity of well-quasi-orders based on my Habilitation defense. Here are the slides.
Day on Resource-aware Strategic Reasoning in Multi-agent Systems: Logic & Games, 2:30pm, October 19, 2017, IBISC, Évry, France.
I presented a survey on Games with Discrete Resources, including the recent results on Perfect Half Space Games with Th. Colcombet, M. Jurdziński, and R. Lazić, but also the connections with games played on vector addition systems and with resource-aware logics. Here are the slides.
Highlights 2017, 3:45pm, September 13, 2017, Queen Mary University of London, UK.
HighlightsI presented the LICS 2017 paper Perfect Half Space Games written jointly with Th. Colcombet, M. Jurdziński, and R. Lazić.
Workshop on Separability Problems, 12:15am, July 14, 2017, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
In this invited talk, I presented the wqo viewpoint on piecewise-testable separability problems, based on the ICALP'16 paper with J. Goubault-Larrecq.
Gregynog 71717, 10am, July 4, 2017, Gregynog, Wales
I presented a dual approach to the backward coverability algorithm in well-structured transition systems, using ideal decompositions of downwards-closed sets, and allowing a fine complexity analysis. This is based on a joint paper with R. Lazić.

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Other activities

Teaching (2018–2019)

MPRI, Paris
First half of the logical and computational structures for linguistic modelling lectures.
Tree automata, techniques and applications lectures.
Computer science option of the French "agrégation de mathématiques", ENS Paris-Saclay
First half of the lectures in logic.

Further documents and course pages related to my older teaching activities can be found in my teaching activities page.

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