[Laurent.jpg] Laurent Doyen
PhD, U.L.B. (Brussels, Belgium), 2006.
Habil. HDR, ENS Cachan, 2012.

CNRS Researcher
Working at LMF, ENS Paris-Saclay
LMF - ENS Paris-Saclay   Office location: Bât. Nord, 2nd floor, 2S59
4, av. des sciences   How to reach ENS Paris-Saclay
F-91190 Gif-sur-Yvette                   
France   Phone: +33 (0)1 81 87 54 43
CV   Email: firstname.lastname@lmf.cnrs.fr

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Alpenbrevet 2011

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LICS 2024, Tallinn
ICALP 2024, Tallinn
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My research interests include:

  • Game and automata theory,
  • (Discrete) quantitative and probabilistic systems,
  • Timed and hybrid systems,
with a focus on algorithms and tools for the design and verification of reliable software, hardware, and embedded systems.

If you are a student interested in doing an internship, PhD thesis, or a post-doc, please contact me.

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Projects (past and present)
  • Rutherford Visiting Fellow (U. Warwick) - Fast​ ​algorithms​ ​for​ ​synthesis​ ​of safe,​ ​smart​ ​and​ ​adaptive​ ​controllers
  • Cassting - Collective Adaptative Systems Synthesis With Non-zero-sum Games
  • QuaVerif (PI) - Quantitative Verification for Reactive Systems
  • ARiSE: Austrian Rigorous Systems Engineering
  • Quasimodo: Quantitative System Properties in Model-Driven-Design of Embedded Systems
  • Gasics: Games for Analysis and Synthesis of Interactive Computational Systems
  • COMBEST: COMponent-Based Embedded Systems design Techniques
  • Artist2 NOE: Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design


Préparation Agrégation Informatique
Game theory in computer science (MPRI)
Introduction to research (MPRI, 2014, 2015, 2016)
Verification of dynamic and parameterized systems (MPRI, 2011)

Logique informatique (TA, ULB, 2009)
Theoretical Computer Science III (TA, EPFL, 2006-2007)
Real-Time and Hybrid Systems: Analysis and Control (TA, ULB, 2002-2006)

Contact Information

Laurent Doyen
ENS Paris-Saclay
Laboratoire Méthodes Formelles
4, avenue des sciences
F-91192 Gif-sur-Yvette

Office location: Bât. Nord, 2nd floor, 2S59 (How to reach ENS Paris-Saclay)
Phone: +33 (0)1 81 87 54 43
Email: lastname@lsv.fr


L'étape du Tour - Photos...
Tour of Austria
Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2014 (279km, start: 6:28am, finish: 6:17pm)
24h Le Mans 2019 (674km)
Marathon Paris
20km Lausanne
20km Bruxelles
Marathon Lausanne

Marathon: 2h 58m 39s (Paris, 2015)
20km: 1h 19m 41s (Lausanne, 2009)
10km: 38m 14s (
Cachan, 2010)

La Belgique expliquée aux Français (mp3 - Alex Vizorek, France Inter, Ve 11 oct 2013, 8:55)
La Belgique pour les nuls (pdf - Le Soir, Ve 16 avr 2010)

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