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BAN simplified version of Yahalom

Author(s): Burrows Abadi Needham  (0/0/1989)

Summary: An amended version of the Yahalom protocol, presented in the BAN logic paper. Symmetric keys and trusted server.

Protocol specification (in common syntax)

A, B, S :   principal
Na, Nb :   number fresh
Kas, Kbs, Kab :   key

A knows :   A, B, S, Kas
B knows :   B, S, Kbs
S knows :   S, A, B, Kas, Kbs

1.   A -> B :   A, Na
2.   B -> S :   B, Nb, {A, Na}Kbs
3.   S -> A :   Nb, {B, Kab, Na}Kas, {A, Kab, Nb}Kbs
4.   A -> B :   {A, Kab, Nb}Kbs, {Nb}Kab

Description of the protocol rules

Compared to the original version of the Yahalom protocol, the nonce Nb is added to the second cipher of message 3, to prevent a malicious A to reuse an old value of Kab.

Also, Nb is sent in cleartext in message 2, which makes possible the attacks below.


See Yahalom.


This simplified version of the Yahalom protocol was proposed in [BAN89].

Claimed proofs


Claimed attacks

Replay attack with interleaving and type error in [Syv94].
i.1.   A -> I(B) :   A, Na
i.2.   B -> I(S) :   B, Nb, {A, Na}Kbs
ii.1.   I(A) -> B :   A, Na, Nb
ii.2.   B -> I(S) :   B, Nb, {A, Na, Nb}Kbs
i.3.           Omitted
i.4.   I(A) -> B :   {A, Na, Nb}Kbs, {Nb}Na
In the message 1 of session ii, the pair Na, Nb is used as a nonce N'a, and in the last message of session i, Na is used as the key Kab.

A second replay attack is described in the same paper [Syv94].
i.1.   A -> I(B) :   A, Na
ii.1.   I(B) -> A :   B, Na
ii.2.   A -> I(S) :   A, N'a, {B, Na}Kas
iii.1.           Omitted
iii.2.   I(A) -> S :   A, Na, {B, Na}Kas
iii.3.   S -> I(B) :   Na, {A, Kab, Na}Kbs, {B, Kab, Na}Kas
i.2.           Omitted
i.3.   I(S) -> A :   Ni, {B, Kab, Na}Kas, {A, Kab, Na}Kbs
i.4.   A -> I(B) :   {A, Kab, Na}Kbs, {Ni}Kab

See also

Paulson's strengthened version of Yahalom.


Michael Burrows, Martin Abadi, and Roger Needham. A logic of authentication. Technical Report 39, Digital Systems Research Center, february 1989.

Paul Syverson. A taxonomy of replay attacks. In Proceedings of the 7th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Workshop, pages 131--136. IEEE Computer Society Press, 1994.
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