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Woo and Lam Pi f

Author(s): Woo, Lam  (1994)

Summary: One way authentification protocol with public keys and trusted server.

Protocol specification (in common syntax)

A, B, S :   principal
shared :   (principal, principal):key
Nb :   nonce

1..   A -> B :   A
2..   B -> A :   Nb
3..   A -> B :   {A,B,Nb}shared(A, S)
4..   B -> S :   {A, B, Nb, {A, B, Nb}shared(A, S)}shared(B, S)
5..   S -> B :   {A, B, Nb}shared(B, S)

Description of the protocol rules

shared(A, S) is a long term symmetric key shared by A and S. Initially, A only knowns shared(A, S) and the name of B, B only knowns shared(B, S) and S knowns all shared keys, i.e. S given any principal's name X, S knowns shared(X, S), or in other terms, S knows the ``function'' shared.


Woo and Lam give in [WL94] the following definition of correctness for this protocol:

whenever the principal B finishes the execution of the protocol, the initiator of the protocol execution is in fact the principal A claimed in message 1.


[WL94], [CJ97].

Claimed proofs


Claimed attacks

No known attacks.

See also

Woo and Lam Pi 1, Woo and Lam Pi 2, Woo and Lam Pi 3, Woo and Lam Pi.


John Clark and Jeremy Jacob. A survey of authentication protocol literature : Version 1.0., November 1997.

T. Y. C. Woo and S. S. Lam. A lesson on authentication protocol design. Operating Systems Review, 1994.
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