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Woo and Lam Pi 1

Author(s): Woo, Lam  (1994)

Summary: One way authentification protocol with public keys and trusted server, simplification of Woo and Lam Pi f.

Protocol specification (in common syntax)

A, B, S :   principal
Nb :   nonce
Kas, Kbs :   skey

1..   A -> B :   A
2..   B -> A :   Nb
3..   A -> B :   {A,B,Nb}Kas
4..   B -> S :   {A, B, {A, B, Nb}Kas}Kbs
5..   S -> B :   {A, B, Nb}Kbs


see Woo and Lam Pi f.


[WL94], [CJ97].

See also

Woo and Lam Pi f, Woo and Lam Pi 2, Woo and Lam Pi 3, Woo and Lam Pi.


John Clark and Jeremy Jacob. A survey of authentication protocol literature : Version 1.0., November 1997.

T. Y. C. Woo and S. S. Lam. A lesson on authentication protocol design. Operating Systems Review, 1994.
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