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Woo and Lam Mutual Authentication

Author(s): T.Y.C Woo and S.S. Lam  (1994)

Summary: Key distribution and mutual authentication with trusted server and symmetric keys.

Protocol specification (in common syntax)

P, Q, S :   principal
Kps, Kqs, Kpq :   key
N1, N2 :   number

1.   P -> Q :   P, N1
2.   Q -> P :   Q, N2
3.   P -> Q :   {P, Q, N1, N2}Kps
4.   Q -> S :   {P, Q, N1, N2}Kps, {P, Q, N1, N2}Kqs
5.   S -> Q :   {Q, N1, N2, Kpq}Kps, {P, N1, N2,Kpq}Kqs
6.   Q -> P :   {Q, N1, N2, Kpq}Kps, {N1, N2}Kpq
7.   P -> Q :   {N2}Kpq

Description of the protocol rules

Kpq is a fresh symmetric key created at message 5 by the server S.

N1 and N2 are nonces.

Kps and Kqs are symmetric keys whose values are initially known only by P and S, respectively P and S.


The protocol must guaranty the secrecy of Kpq: in every session, the value of Kpq must be known only by the participants playing the roles of P, Q and S.

The protocol must also ensures mutual authentication of P and Q.



Claimed attacks

Parallel session replay attack, [CJ], and [CJ97]. In this attack, the intruder I initiates a session ii in order to make P accept a non-fresh key.
i.1.   P -> I :   P, N1
ii.1.   I -> P :   I, N1
ii.2.   P -> I :   P, N2
i.2.   I -> P :   I, N2
i.3.   P -> I :   {P, I, N1, N2}Kps
i.4.   I -> S :   {P, I, N1, N2}Kps, {P, I, N1, N2}Kis
i.5.   S -> I :   {I, N1, N2, Kpi}Kps, {P, N1, N2, Kpi}Kis
i.6.   I -> P :   {I, N1, N2, Kpi}Kps, {N1, N2}Kpi
i.7.   P -> I :   {N2}Kpi
ii.3.   I -> P :   {I, P, N1, N2}Kis
ii.4.   P -> I(S) :   {I, P, N1, N2}Kis, {I, P, N1, N2}Kps
ii.5.   I(S) -> P :   {I, N1, N2, Kpi}Kis, {I, N1, N2, Kpi}Kps
ii.6.   P -> I :   {P, N1, N2, Kpi}Kis, {N1, N2}Kpi
ii.7.   I -> P :   {N2}Kpi

[Low96]. bit-string represent an arbitrary number.
i.1.   I(P) -> Q :   P, Q
i.2.   Q -> I(P) :   Q, N2
i.3.   I(P) -> Q :   bit-string
i.4.   Q -> I(S) :   bit-string, {P, Q, Q, N2}Kps
ii.1.   I(P) -> Q :   P, N2
ii.2.   Q -> I(P) :   Q, N3
ii.3.   I(P) -> Q :   bit-string'
ii.4.   Q -> I(S) :   bit-string', {P, Q, N2, N3}Kps
i.5.   I(S) -> Q :   bit-string'', {P, Q, N2, N3}Kps
i.6.   Q -> I(P) :   bit-string'', {Q, N2}N3
i.7.   I(P) -> Q :   {N2}N3


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John Clark and Jeremy Jacob. A survey of authentication protocol literature : Version 1.0., November 1997.

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T. Y. C. Woo and S. S. Lam. A lesson on authentication protocol design. Operating Systems Review, 1994.
last modified 10/11/2002.
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