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Style file for LaTeX contributions

If you want to check that your contribution (in LaTeX) can be proceeded in the security protocol repository, and to have an idea of its final rendering, you can follow the procedure below, providing that have latex2e and bibtex installed in your system,
  • have your two files protocolName.tex and splib.bib present in the same directory.
    NB: the bibtex file must be named under splib.bib.
  • cd to this directory.
  • download the following files in the current directory: splib.cls splib-common.sty, hevea.sty, all.aux.
  • you also need to have the standard latex package ifthen installed on your system (it should always be the case),
  • be sure to have the current directory '.' in your TEXINPUT path (it should also always be the case).
  • run now latex protocolName, bibtex protocolName, latex protocolName and again latex protocolName.
  • you will get a DVI file protocolName.dvi in the same directory.
The format of the date in the DVI will be different from what you could expect. Actually, we use an additional package for formatting the date in protocols description, but it is not worth installing this package just to check a contribution.

If you want to see the html file you will also need to have hevea installed in your system.
  • cd to the directory where you have let all the files following the procedure above.
  • Be sure to have all the files described in the procedure above present in the current directory.
  • Download the file splib.hva in the current directory.
  • run hevea protocolName.tex.
  • You will get protocolName.html in the current directory.
Note that the html links wont work in the document obtained this way, because they are normally post-processed in the security protocol repository. This procedure will only allow you to control the final shape of your contribution in your favorite html browser.

Nevertheless, these verification procedure are not required for contributing to the security protocols open repository. If you send us contributions with (a few) errors, we shall take the time to fix them anyway!

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.