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Every security protocol of the repository is described in an individual html page (all the protocol pages are accessible from this index), and can also be downloaded in the following forms:
  • a text file containing only the protocol specification. See the remarks about the syntax.
  • a postscript version of the contents of the page, compressed with gzip.
  • a pdf version of the contents of the page.
  • the latex source file which has been used to generated all the other versions. This file can be usefull e.g. if you are looking for examples in order to write a contribution (see the submission page).
  • a bibtex file with the references concerning the protocol.
The links to download the files described above can be found in the right part of the header of each protocol page (see protocols format).

A document collecting the descriptions of all the protocols of the repository can be downloaded, in compressed postscript and pdf.

An archive of all the text specifications of protocols is available in zip and compressed tar formats.

The full list of bibliograpy entries used in protocol pages in contained in this bibtex file. It is usefull in particular if you want to reuse some bibliography items in a contribution (see the submission page).

At last, the two files example.tex and template.tex are templates to help the writters of new contributions to the repository. In this context, te latex aux file contains the definitions of the labels which can be used with the \crossref command. See the submission page for the usage of \crossref.

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.