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Author(s): Victor Shoup and Avi D. Rubin  (1996)

Summary: Symmetric key distribution using Smart Cards, by Shoup and Rubin.

Protocol specification (in common syntax)

A, B, S, Ca, Cb :   principal
Ka, Kb :   symkey
Kac, Kbc :   symkey
Na, Nb :   nonce
0,1,2 :   number
alias Kab = {A, 0}Kb
alias Pab = Kab + {B, 1}Ka

1.   A -> S :   A, B
2.   S -> A :   Pab, {Pab, B, 2}Ka
3.   A -> Ca :   A
4.   Ca -> A :   Na, {Na, 1, 1}Kac
5.   A -> B :   A, Na
6.   B -> Cb :   A, Na
7.   Cb -> B :   Nb, {Nb, 0, 0}Kab, {Na, Nb, 1}Kab, {Nb, 0, 1}Kab
8.   B -> A :   Nb, {Na, Nb, 1}Kab
9.   A -> Ca :   B, Na, Nb, Pab, {Pab, B, 2}Ka, {Na, Nb, 1}Kab, {Nb, 0, 1}Kab
10.   Ca -> A :   {Nb, 0, 0}Kab, {Nb, 0, 1}Kab
11.   A -> B :   {Nb, 0, 1}Kab

Description of the protocol rules


The session key {Nb, 0, 0}Kb must remain secret.


[SR96]. Some variants and implementation issues are discussed in the update [Sho96]. See also the implementor's paper [JHC+98].

Claimed proofs

The proof of [SR96] is based on the probabilistic definition of secure key distribution from Bellare and Rogaway [BR95].

[Bel01] uses a theorem proving approach, following Paulson's inductive method.


See [Sho96]. The nonce Na that A obtains from his smart card Ca must actually be truly random and not implemented by counters as first suggested in [SR96].

Indeed, if the next value of Na (sent in message 5 of session i) is predictable (let us call it Na'), then then the intruder I can query B for the verifiers including Na' (session ii) and use them to answer the next challenge of A (hence, authentication error in session iii).
i.5.   A -> B :   A, Na
ii.5.   I(A) -> B :   A, Na'
ii.6.   B -> Cb :   A, Na'
ii.7.   Cb -> B :   Nb', {Nb', 0, 0}Kab, {Na', Nb', 1}Kab, {Nb', 0, 1}Kab
ii.8.   B -> A :   Nb', {Na', Nb', 1}Kab
iii.5.   A -> I(B) :   A, Na'
iii.8.   I(B) -> A :   Nb', {Na', Nb', 1}Kab
According to [Sho96], the nonce Nb may though be a counter.


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Victor Shoup and Avi Rubin. Session key distribution using smart cards. In In Proceedings of Advances in Cryptology, EUROCRYPT'96, volume 1070 of LNCS. Springer-Verlag, 1996.
last modified 11/02/2003.
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