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Lowe modified KSL

Author(s): Gavin Lowe  (1996)

Summary: Lowe modified version of the KSL protocol to prevent authentication attacks. Distribution of a session key and a ticket and repeated mutual authentication. Symmetric key cryptography with server.

Protocol specification (in common syntax)

A, B, S :   principal
Na, Nb, Nc, Ma, Mb :   number
Kas, Kbs, Kab, Kbb :   key
Tb :   generalizedTimestamp

1.   A -> B :   Na, A
2.   B -> S :   Na, A, Nb, B
3.   S -> B :   {A, Nb Kab}Kbs, {Na, B, Kab}Kas
4.   B -> A :   {Na, B, Kab}Kas, {Tb, A, Kab}Kbb, Nc, {B, Na}Kab
5.   A -> B :   {Nc}Kab
6.   A -> B :   Ma, {Tb, A, Kab}Kbb
7.   B -> A :   Mb, {Ma, B}Kab
8.   A -> B :   {A, Mb}Kab

Description of the protocol rules

See KSL.

The version given above has been devised from the following modifications to KSL advised in [Low96]:


See KSL.



See also



Gavin Lowe. Some new attacks upon security protocols. In IEEE Computer Society Press, editor, In Proceedings of the Computer Security Foundations Workshop VIII, 1996.
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