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Author(s): Juan A. Garay, Markus Jakobson, Philip MacKenzie  (1999)
Submitted by Alexandre Boisseau   (30/10/2002)

Summary: The goal of this protocol is to achieve distributed contract signing in an abuse-free way, that is no party ever can prove to a third party that he is able of determining the issue of the exchange (validate or invalidate the contract). To achieve this goal, a special construction called private contract signature is introduced. Such a private contract signature has the particular property that it is meaningful only for a given trusted third party. Moreover, this protocol is optimistic in the sense that the trusted third party is required only in case of problem.

Protocol specification (in common syntax)

A,B,T :   principal
C :   msg
PCS :   (principal,msg,principal,principal):msg
S-SIG :   (principal,msg):msg
TP-SIG :   (principal,msg):msg
resolved,aborted :   bool
abort :   msg

Exchange-1.   A -> B :   PCS(A,C,B,T)
Exchange-2.   B -> A :   PCS(B,C,A,T)
Exchange-3.   A -> B :   S-SIG(A,C)
Exchange-4.   B -> A :   S-SIG(B,C)
Abort-1.   A -> T :   S-SIG(A,[C,A,B,abort])
Abort-2.   T -> A :   if (resolved) then S-SIG(B,C) else S-SIG(T,S-SIG(A,[C,A,B,abort]))
Resolve-A-1.   A -> T :   [PCS(B,C,A,T),S-SIG(A,C)]
Resolve-A-2.   T -> A :   if (aborted) then S-SIG(T,S-SIG(A,[C,A,B,abort])) else if (resolved) S-SIG(B,C) else TP-SIG(B,C)
Resolve-B-1.   B -> T :   [PCS(A,C,B,T),S-SIG(B,C)]
Resolve-B-2.   T -> B :   if (aborted) then S-SIG(T,S-SIG(A,[C,A,B,abort])) else if (resolved) S-SIG(A,C) else TP-SIG(A,C)

Description of the protocol rules

About cryptographic primitives involved : About the execution of the protocol:


This protocol was designed in order to satisfy the following properties:



Claimed proofs

[SM01] [KR02] [CKS01]

Claimed attacks



R. Chadha, M.I. Kanovich, and A. Scedrov. Inductive methods and contract-signing protocols. In P. Samarati, editor, 8-th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, pages 176--185. ACM Press, November 2001.

J. A. Garay, M. Jakobsson, and P. MacKenzie. Abuse-free optimistic contract signing. In Advances in Cryptology: Proceedings of Crypto'99, volume 1666 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 449--466. Springer-Verlag, 1999.

Steve Kremer and Jean-François Raskin. Game analysis of abuse-free contract signing. In Steve Schneider, editor, 15th Computer Security Foundations Workshop, pages 206--220, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, June 2002. IEEE Computer Society.

Vitaly Shmatikov and John Mitchell. Finite-state analysis of two contract signing protocols. Special issue of Theoretical Computer Science on security, 2001. Accepted for publication.
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