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The purpose of this page is to continue online the seminal work of Clark and Jacob, updating their base of security protocols. We start with their (slightly enriched) library and seek for contributions.


This page contains a (structured) library of cryptographic protocols descriptions, as well as comments and pointers to other pages/available papers. Each protocol of the library is available for downloading in many formats, from printable formats to a text specification of the protocol rules, suitable for the developers of automatic protocol verification tools looking for case studies.

The protocols are described in the style of the seminal BAN paper or of the Clark and Jacob's survey (i.e. in a semi-formal syntax), together with the goals they are supposed to achieve. Additionally, short comments about formal proofs or known attacks are included, with references and links to available comments/analysis/papers. See the complete description of the format of the library's protocols for more details.


We seek for contributions, either adding new protocols or adding links/comments. All the necessary informations can be found in this guide for contributions. Contributions are moderated. The idea is to keep some consistency, not to review the contributions.


Creating and maintaining this page is supported by the EVA national network project.

The principles and scripts used for storing protocols and generating the documents have been designed and implemented by Ralf Treinen for the RTA list of open problems. The use of these scripts and Ralf's precious help were priceless for the construction of the security protocols open repository.

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.