ASA-3 Programme, Port Jefferson, NY, USA, July 10-11 2009

Bayles Room, Danfords Hotel - Talks are 30mins + 10mins allowance for questions

Friday July 10th
12.00-1.20pm Lunch in Danfords Hotel (included in registration)
1.20-1.30 Welcome, thanks, arrangements for dinner etc.
Session 1 - Proposals for Security API Designs
1.30-2.10 Veronique Cortier and Graham Steel. A generic security API for symmetric key management on cryptographic devices
2.10-2.50 Christian Cachin, Anil Kurmus and Marko Vukolic. Strict Access Control in a Key-Management Server
2.50-3.30 Jonathan Anderson, Joseph Bonneau and Frank Stajano. Security APIs for Online Applications
3.30-4.00Coffee break
Session 2 - Security APIs in Practice
4.00-4.40 Mike Bond. The Usual Suspects
4.40-5.20 George French. APIs In The Real World
5.20-6.00 Riccardo Focardi, Flaminia Luccio and Graham Steel. Improving PIN Processing API Security
6.15-6.30 informal business meeting in hotel bar
9pm workshop dinner, The Catch seafood house

Saturday July 11th
8.00-9.00 Breakfast in Danfords Hotel (included in registration)
Session 3 - Language-based Analysis for Security APIs
9.10-9.50 Jérémy Planul and Cédric Fournet. Compiling Applications with Information-Flow Policies to Systems with Trusted Modules
9.50-10.30 Cyrille Valentin Artho, Yutaka Oiwa, Kuniyasu Suzaki and Masami Hagiya. Extraction of properties in C implementations of security APIs for the verification of Java applications
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break
Session 4 - PKCS#11 based APIs
11.00-11.40 Matteo Bortolozzo, Giovanni Marchetto, Riccardo Focardi and Graham Steel. Secure your PKCS#11 token against API attacks!
11.40-12.20 Johannes Borgstrom. Monotonicity for Multiple Key Management Tokens
12.20-2.00Lunch in Danfords (included in registration)