Selected publications by Stefan Schwoon

Recent works have proposed pushdown systems as a tool for analyzing programs with (recursive) procedures, and the model-checking problem for LTL has received special attention. However, all these works impose a strong restriction on the possible valuations of atomic propositions: whether a configuration of the pushdown system satisfies an atomic proposition or not can only depend on the current control state of the pushdown automaton and on its topmost stack symbol. In this paper we consider LTL with regular valuations: the set of configurations satisfying an atomic proposition can be an arbitrary regular language. The model-checking problem is solved via two different techniques, with an eye on efficiency. The resulting algorithms are polynomial in certain measures of the problem which are usually small, but can be exponential in the size of the problem instance. However, we show that this exponential blowup is inevitable. The extension to regular valuations allows to model problems in different areas; for instance, we show an application to the analysis of systems with checkpoints. We claim that our model-checking algorithms provide a general, unifying and efficient framework for solving them.

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