cs.edu Edition of Slax Live GNU/Linux

A LiveCD for Computer Science Students

The cs.edu edition of the Slax aims at providing the richness of GNU/Linux as a development environment to computer science students. The 650 MB of this CD are packed with programming tools and reference documentation. This distribution also tries to remain true to the Slackware tradition of simplicity.

Due to its old age, the software on this LiveCD is likely to be full of security holes. This website is here only for reference.

Included Software

The complete software list is here.



Version 0.1alpha:
 653M Nov 10 11:58 iso file distribution ceased in 2007
   63 Nov 10 12:09 md5 sum
   65 Nov 10 12:11 gpg signature
 1.5k Nov 10 18:31 changelog
 5.9k Nov 10 18:31 installed software
GPL license
author of this edition Sylvain Schmitz, © 2004 I3S Laboratory. Be sure to check Slax and Slackware too!