Hernán Ponce de León

PhD Student, ENS Cachan

I was a PhD student in LSV (ENS Cachan) under the supervision of Stefan Haar and Delphine Longuet. My thesis focused on conformance testing for concurrent systems through event structures and was supported by the TeCSTES project. I was also part of the MEALS project.

Meanwhile I was teaching "Algorithms and Programming" and "Graph Theory" in Ecole Centrale Paris.

Beforegoing to Paris, I obtained the "Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Computacion" degree from the Computer Science Department (March 23th, 2011) at Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina. It is a five-year degree with thesis, equivalent to a "Master recherche" degree in the French system.

My thesis

Here you have my thesis manuscript. Information about my defense can be found here

My new webpage

Since October 2014 I'm a postdoc at Aalto University ... Here you have further information.

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