I am currently a Post-doc at the LSV, ENS Cachan, in the INRIA team Deducteam under supervision of Gilles Dowek.

I have been awarded a John Templeton Foundation Turing Centenary Research Scholarship in June 2012 for a duration of 3 years. I am also "médaillé" 2015 of the University of Côte d'Azur.

Research interests

I am primarily interested in computational models over geometrical spaces, and more particularly over dynamical geometries.

My PhD thesis is about Causal Graph Dynamics, a model at the interface between cellular automata and graph rewriting. CGD are graph transformations that have the same symmetries as CA (bounded speed of information, homogeneity, bounded density of information), while having the capacity of dynamically changing the underlying graph, and not only the internal states of the vertices.

Besides simply generalizing CA for the sake of it, this model might allow for the creation of formal tools for the modelisation of natural phenomena, ranging from biology to general relativity.

This interest naturally extends to distributed computation, quantum computation, computational aspect of theoretical physics, natural computing, and modelisation of natural phenomena.

In the past

Some publications




PhD thesis:

Title: Algorithmical and mathematical approaches of causal graph dynamics
Supervisors: Bruno Martin and Pablo Arrighi
Jury: Pablo Arrighi, Bruno Martin, Vincent Danos, Jarkko Kari, Emmanuel Jeandel, Jean-Louis Giavitto, Gilles Dowek, Eric Golès

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