TCTL Symbolic Model Checking of Simply-Timed Systems

TSMV is a prototype symbolic model checker that verifies TCTL formulas on Timed Kripke Structures, i.e. finite state graphs where transitions carry a duration. These durations can be arbitrary natural numbers.

TSMV is built on top of NuSMV, the open-source symbolic model checker [CCGR00].

Specific features:

Compared to other models of timed systems, the main specific feature of TKS's is that the durations of transitions are atomic : when moving from state s to state s' via a step that lasts 10 time units, there is no intermediary configuration (and intermediary time) between s at time t and s' at time t+10. This does change the semantics of TCTL formulae but this is not a big issue when using TKS as a timed model. The key motivation for this semantics is that it leads to simple and efficient model checking algorithms. Indeed, the model checking problem is provably easier with this semantics [LMS02].

Timed Kripke Structure
Fig. 1 - Example of a Timed Kripke Structure.

In [MS03], we proposed symbolic algorithms for checking TCTL properties (and compute minimal and maximal durations) on such models. TSMV is the resulting implementation, based on the open-source, easy-to-adapt, NuSMV model checker.

Case studies


Only the binary file is available for the moment. It has been compiled on a Pentium4 machine running RedHat 7.3, with gcc 2.95.3, and requires no special dynamic library.

Regarding a user's manual, we refer to sections 6 and 7 of [MS03]. This assumes some familiarity with NuSMV, for which a complete user's manual is available at http://nusmv.irst.itc.it/NuSMV/userman/index-v2.html



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