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Steve Kremer and Laurent MazaréComputationally Sound Analysis of Protocols using Bilinear PairingsJournal of Computer Security 18(6), pages 999-1033, 2010. ( PDF )
doi: 10.3233/JCS-2009-0388
In this paper, we introduce a symbolic model to analyse protocols that use a bilinear pairing between two cyclic groups. This model consists in an extension of the Abadi-Rogaway logic and we prove that the logic is still computationally sound: symbolic indistinguishability implies computational indistinguishability provided that the Bilinear Decisional Diffie-Hellman assumption holds and that the encryption scheme is IND-CPA secure. We illustrate our results on classical protocols using bilinear pairing like Joux tripartite Diffie-Hellman protocol or the TAK-2 and TAK-3 protocols. We also investigate the security of a newly designed variant of the Burmester-Desmedt protocol using bilinear pairings. More precisely, we show for each of these protocols that the generated key is indistinguishable from a random element.

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