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J. Goubault-LarrecqωQRB-Domains and the Probabilistic PowerdomainIn Proceedings of the 25th Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS'10), Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, July 2010, pages 352-361. IEEE Computer Society Press. ( PDF )
Is there any cartesian-closed category of continuous domains that would be closed under Jones and Plotkin's probabilistic powerdomain construction? This is a major open problem in the area of denotational semantics of probabilistic higher-order languages. We relax the question, and look for quasi-continuous dcpos instead. We introduce a natural class of such quasi-continuous dcpos, the ωQRB-domains. We show that they form a category ωQRB with pleasing properties: ωQRB is closed under the probabilistic powerdomain functor, has all finite products, all bilimits, and is stable under retracts, and even under so-called quasiretracts. But... ωQRB is not cartesian closed.

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