The ACI Crypto VERNAM Project: decidable subclasses of cryptographic protocols

Historical note: Gilbert Sandford Vernam was an American cryptographer. In 1917, while working for ATT, he invented what is now known as the one-time pad, still the only provably secure cipher-apart from quantum cryptography schemes. Vernam got his idea from the French telegrapher Emile Baudot. This was then improved and extended by Major Joseph Mauborgne.

General statement

The VERNAM project is a common research effort between LSV/CNRS UMR 8643 & ENS Cachan, the Université de Provence, and the people around Michael Rusinowitch (now head of the CASSIS group) in Nancy.

Duration is 3 years. This started in fall 2000.

This Web page is only intended to give information on the various contributions of the LSV to the project.

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