Welcome to JasTeX Applet

The JasTeX applet should start automatically from this page (it may take some time though since the jar file needed is about 400K).
If it does not, you should use a more recent browser or install the Java Plugin version 1.3 .

How do I use this applet ?

  1. Draw your picture in the "Drawing" area
  2. Go to the "Latex Code" to get the corresponding tex file
  3. Click on the "Get LaTeX Code" button (below on THIS page) to get the source code in the text area
  4. Cut and paste this code to your favorite text editor.
Remark: Due to security reasons, it is not possible to cut and paste to or from the applet. The text area below is provided to get around this restriction.

It should also possible to view/modify an existing gastex picture as follows: 
  1. Paste the gastex source code of your picture in the text area below
  2. Click on the "Send to JasTeX Applet" button below
Remark: This feature does not seem very reliable (at least on my browser). The feature works well on the stand-alone version of JasTeX since it is possible to directly cut and paste text to and from the stand-alone version.

JasTeX is also avaible in non-applet version. It has in this version additional features