Bio: Alain Finkel is professor at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan (ENS Cachan). He is the creator of the theory of well-structured transition systems (PhD 1986 - Icalp'1987) and during the same years, he defined and studied (front) lossy channel systems, these two research topics being still quite active since 25 years. His current research interests still include the theory of well-structured transition systems and the verification of various other infinite-state systems. He wrote around 100 research papers: in particular, he participated at the LSV book "Systems and Software Verification. Model-Checking Techniques and Tools" which was, in 2001, the first undergraduate introduction to model-checking. He founded the computer science laboratory (LIFAC) at the ENS Cachan and then he co-founded the LSV computer science laboratory. He was co-chairman for the major Conferences STACS and CAV. Since few years, he decided to teach applied cognitive sciences for training to pedagogy PhD students of the ENS Cachan and professors in the Universities. He sometimes writes research papers in cognitive domains like mental imagery or cognitive automata.