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S. Delaune, S. Kremer, M. D. Ryan and G. SteelA Formal Analysis of Authentication in the TPMIn Revised Selected Papers of the 7th International Workshop on Formal Aspects in Security and Trust (FAST'10), Pisa, Italy, September 2010, LNCS 6561, pages 111-125. Springer. ( PDF | PS | PS.GZ )
The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a hardware chip designed to enable computers to achieve a greater level of security than is possible in software alone. To this end, the TPM provides a way to store cryptographic keys and other sensitive data in its shielded memory. Through its API, one can use those keys to achieve some security goals. The TPM is a complex security component, whose specification consists of more than 700 pages.
    We model a collection of four TPM commands, and we identify and formalise their security properties. Using the tool ProVerif, we rediscover some known attacks and some new variations on them. We propose modifications to the API and verify our properties for the modified API.

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