Software Engineering Project

ENS Paris-Saclay / MPRI, 2018

This is the live page of the MPRI 1-31 course, by David Baelde and Charlie Jacomme.


All sessions take place in C321. Please bring your laptops when exercises are planned.


Git guidelines


In 2018, six students are developping a multiplanner web application in Django, following this special project description (now updated for second phase).

Students had the possibility to form groups and choose among five project proposals.

Hall of fame:


Projects have to satisfy the following requirements, which will be the basis for grading. All requirements but the first one must have a corresponding issue on the development platform, where discussion will take place between students and evaluators, and evaluators will indicate when the requirement is satisfied. Note that satisfaction is not monotonic: a satisfied requirement may become unsatisfied later on.

The second phase imposes additional requirements:

Optional requirements may bring extra points: