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Hwang and Chen modified SPLICE/AS

Author(s): Tzonelih Hwang and Yung-Hsiang Chen  (1995)

Summary: This modified version correct two flaws in SPLICE/AS. Mutual authentication protocol with public key cryptography with a certification authority signing and distributing public keys.

Protocol specification (in common syntax)

S, C, AS :   principal
N1, N2, N3 :   nonce
T :   timestamp
L :   lifetime
pk, sk :   principal -> key (keypair)

1.   C -> AS :   C, S, N1
2.   AS -> C :   AS, {AS, C, N1, S, pk(S)}sk(AS)
3.   C -> S :   C, S, {C, T, L, {N2}pk(S)}sk(C)
4.   S -> AS :   S, C, N3
5.   AS -> S :   AS, {AS, S, N3, C, pk(C)}sk(AS)
6.   S -> C :   S, C, {S, inc(N2)}pk(C)

Description of the protocol rules

See SPLICE/AS. Note that the name of the owner of the public key is included in certificate to overcomes the flaws of SPLICE/AS presented in [HC95] (i.e. a certificate for the public key pk(S) is here {AS, C, N1, S, pk(S)}sk(AS) rather than {AS, C, N1, pk(S)}sk(AS) in SPLICE/AS).





Claimed attacks

[CJ95]. Only the messages 3 and 6 are relevant in this attack, in which the intruder I learn the secret N2. This attack concerns both the secrecy of N2 and its authenticity.
1.   C -> AS :   C, S, N1
2.   AS -> C :   AS, {AS, C, N1, S, pk(S)}sk(AS)
3.   C -> I(S) :   C, S, {C, T, L, {N2}pk(S)}sk(C)
3.   I -> S :   I, S, {I, T, L, {N2}pk(S)}sk(I)
4.   S -> AS :   S, I, N3
5.   AS -> S :   AS, {AS, S, N3, I, pk(I)}sk(AS)
6.   S -> I :   S, I, {S, inc(N2)}pk(I)
1.   I -> AS :   I, C, N1'
2.   AS -> I :   AS, {AS, I, N1', C, pk(C)}sk(AS)
6.   I(S) -> C :   S, C, {S, inc(N2)}pk(C)

See also

SPLICE/AS, Clark and Jacob modified Hwang and Chen modified SPLICE/AS.


John A Clark and Jeremy L Jacob. On the security of recent protocols. Information processing Letters, 56:151--155, 1995.

Tzonelih Hwang and Yung-Hsiang Chen. On the security of splice/as : The authentication system in wide internet. Information Processing Letters, 53:97--101, 1995.
last modified 11/11/2002.
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