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Lowe modified Denning-Sacco shared key

Author(s): Gavin Lowe  (1997)

Summary: Modified version of the Denning-Sacco shared key protocol to correct a freshness flaw. Distribution of a shared symmetric key by a trusted server and mutual authentification. Symmetric key cryptography with server and timestamps.

Protocol specification (in common syntax)

A, B, S :   principal
Nb :   nonce
Kas, Kbs, Kab :   key
T :   timestamp
dec :   nonce -> nonce

1.   A -> S :   A, B
2.   S -> A :   {B, Kab, T, {Kab, A, T}Kbs}Kas
3.   A -> B :   {Kab,A, T}Kbs
4.   B -> A :   {Nb}Kab
5.   A -> B :   {dec(Nb)}Kab

Description of the protocol rules

This version add a nonce handshake (messages 4, 5) at the end of Denning-Sacco shared key to prevent the attack from [Low97].


See Needham Schroeder Symmetric Key.



See also

Needham Schroeder Symmetric Key, Denning-Sacco shared key.


Gavin Lowe. A family of attacks upon authentication protocols. Technical Report 1997/5, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Leicester, 1997.
last modified 12/11/2002.
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