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J. DubutDirected homotopic and homologic theories for geometric models of true concurrency.  Thèse de doctorat, Laboratoire Spécification et Vérification, ENS Cachan, France, September 2017. PDF | BibTeX )
N. Bertrand, P. Bouyer, T. Brihaye and P. CarlierWhen are Stochastic Transition Systems Tameable?  Research Report 1703.04806, Computing Research Repository, March 2017. 63 pages. PDF | BibTeX )
P. Gardy, P. Bouyer and N. MarkeyDependences in Strategy Logic.  Research Report 1708.05849, Computing Research Repository, August 2017. 30 pages. PDF | BibTeX )
P. Bouyer, F. Laroussinie, N. Markey, J. Ouaknine and J. WorrellTimed temporal logicsIn Models, Algorithms, Logics and Tools: Essays Dedicated to Kim Guldstrand Larsen on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday, LNCS 10460, pages 211-230. Springer, August 2017. PDF | BibTeX )
P. Bouyer, N. Markey and V. JugéCourcelle's Theorem Made Dynamic.  Research Report 1702.05183, Computing Research Repository, February 2017. 14 pages. PDF | BibTeX )

All the LSV publications