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F. GilbertExtending higher-order logic with predicate subtyping.  Thèse de doctorat, Université Paris 7, Paris, France, April 2018. PDF | BibTeX )
G. BurelLinking Focusing and Resolution with Selection.  Research Report hal-01670476, HAL Research Report, April 2018. Web page | PDF | BibTeX )
M. Függer, Th. Nowak and M. SchwarzTight Bounds for Asymptotic and Approximate ConsensusIn PODC'18. ACM Press, July 2018. To appear. Web page | PDF (long version) | BibTeX )
A. Saoud, A. Girard and L. FribourgContract based Design of Symbolic Controllers for Vehicle PlatooningIn HSCC'18, pages 277-278. ACM Press, April 2018. Poster. PDF | BibTeX )
F. BlanquiSize-based termination of higher-order rewritingJournal of Functional Programming 28, April 2018. Web page | PDF | BibTeX )

All the LSV publications