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N. Alechina, N. Bulling, S. Demri and B. LoganOn the Complexity of Resource-Bounded LogicsTheoretical Computer Science, 2018. Special issue of RP'16, to appear. PDF | BibTeX )
M. Blondin, A. Finkel and P. McKenzieWell Behaved Transition SystemsLogical Methods in Computer Science 13(3), pages 1-19, September 2017. Web page | BibTeX )
W. K. Ho, J. Goubault-Larrecq, A. Jung and X. XiThe Ho-Zhao ProblemLogical Methods in Computer Science 14(1), pages 1-19, January 2018. Web page | PDF | BibTeX )
Th. Chatain, M. Comlan, D. Delfieu, L. Jezequel and O. H. RouxPomsets and Unfolding of Reset Petri NetsIn LATA'18, LNCS. Springer, April 2018. To appear. BibTeX )
S. HaddadMemoryless determinacy of finite parity games: Another simple proofInformation Processing Letters 132, pages 19-21, April 2018. PDF | BibTeX )

All the LSV publications