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RULE 2007

The Eighth International Workshop on Rule-Based Programming

Friday, June 29, 2007, Paris
Part of RDP'07

RULE programme


Rule-based programming provides a framework that facilitates viewing computation as a sequence of changes transforming a complex shared structure such as a term, graph, proof, or constraint store. In rule-based languages, a set of abstractions and primitive operations typically provide sophisticated mechanisms for recognizing and manipulating structures. In a classical setting, a rule-based program consists of a collection of (conditional) rewrite rules together with a partially-explicit specification of how the rule collection should be applied to a given structure.

Due to theoretical and technological advances, rule-based programming techniques are being incorporated into a wide range of research areas including: Generative Programming, Aspect-Oriented Programming, Software Maintenance, Reverse Engineering, Domain Specific Language Development, and Information Assurance (e.g., security, testing, etc.). Oftentimes, the ad hoc incorporation of rule-based techniques into a particular area or problem domain raises general issues that warrant further study. Related to this is a growing need to share foundational infrastructure (e.g., parsers, pretty printers, etc.) between rule-based systems. The goal of this workshop is to foster the exchange of ideas within the rule-based programming community.


We solicit original papers on all topics related to rule-based programming including:
  • Applications to Software
    • Development
    • Evolution
    • Information Assurance
  • Systems
    • Descriptions of rule-based systems
    • Descriptions of rule-based languages
  • Hybrid paradigms -- Rule-based programming combined with:
    • Functional programming
    • Logic programming
    • OO programming
    • Language extensions
    • Language embeddings
  • Theory
    • Advances in the rewriting calculus
    • Advances in rewriting logic

Program Committee


Accepted papers will be published in the preliminary proceedings volume, which will be available during the workshop. The final proceedings are expected to be published in Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS), Elsevier.


Papers (of at most 15 pages) should be submitted electronically via the
web-based submission site. Papers should be formatted in accordance with the ENTCS formatting guidelines. Any problems with the submission procedure should be reported to one of the PC chairs: Joost Visser (joost.visser@di.uminho.pt) or Victor Winter (vwinter@mail.unomaha.edu).

A call for papers suitable for distribution can be found here.

Important Dates

Sunday 8th April, 2007 NEW extended deadline for electronic submission of papers
Sunday 6th May, 2007 Notification of acceptance of papers
Sunday 20th May, 2007 Deadline for final versions of accepted papers
Friday 29th June, 2007 Workshop

Previous RULE Workshops

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