Call for Papers

The last Call for Paper can be found in [ps] and in [pdf].

Aims and Scope of the Conference:

CSL is the annual conference of the European Association for Computer Science Logic (EACSL). The conference is intended for computer scientists whose research activities involve logic, as well as for logicians working on issues significant for computer science. Suggested topics of interest include:
automated deduction and interactive theorem proving, constructive mathematics and type theory, equational logic and term rewriting, linear logic, logical aspects of computational complexity, finite model theory, higher order logic, logic programming and constraints, lambda and combinatory calculi, logical foundations of programming paradigms, modal and temporal logics, model checking, functions of program development (specification, extraction, transformation ...), categorical logic and topological semantics, domain theory, database theory.

Paper Submissions:

Submitted papers must describe work not previously published. They must not be submitted concurrently to a journal or to another conference. Papers authored or coauthored by members of the Program Committee are not allowed. Submissions must not exceed 15 pages (in the usual format for Springer LNCS), including title page, figures and references. The title page must contain: title and authors; physical and e-mail addresses; telephone and (if available) fax number for each author; identification of corresponding author, if not the first author; an abstract of no more than 200 words; a list of keywords.

The deadline for submission is March 15, 2001. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by May 8, 2001, and final versions are due June 1, 2001. Electronic submissions via the Web are strongly encouraged: a submission server will be available from March 5th. For earlier submission, send a postscript file to with subject ``submission''.

Concerning further questions about the submission procedure please contact the program chair:
                         Laurent Fribourg
Phone: +33 (0)1 47 40 28 66
Fax: +33 (0)1 47 40 24 64


Papers accepted by the Program Committee must be presented at the conference by one of the authors and will appear in a proceedings volume, to be published by Springer Verlag in the "Lecture Notes in Computer Science" series. Final versions of accepted papers will be due by June 1, 2001. The format for camera-ready manuscripts will be that of Springer LNCS; instructions for authors are given in Springer's LNCS page:

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