CSL01: Accepted Papers

2 A Generalization of the Buechi-Elgot-Trakhtenbrot Theorem Matthias Galota and Heribert Vollmer
6 Labelled Natural Deduction for Interval Logics Thomas Marthedal Rasmussen
7 Stratified Context Unification is in PSPACE Manfred Schmidt-Schauss
8 An effective extension of the Wagner hierarchy to blind counter automata Olivier FINKEL
9 Normalized types COURTIEU Pierre
16 Capture Complexity by Partition Yijia Chen, Enshao Shen
17 Modal Logic and the two-variable fragment Carsten Lutz, Ulrike Sattler, Frank Wolter
18 An Existential Locality Theorem Martin Grohe, Stefan Wöhrle
28 A Logic for Approximate First-Order Reasoning Frederic Koriche
29 An improved extensionality criterion for higher-order logic programs Marc Bezem
33 Limiting Partial Combinatory Algebras Towards Infinitary Lambda-calculi and Classical Logic Yohji Akama
36 Intersection Logic Simona Ronchi Della Rocca and Luca Roversi
37 Uniform Derivation of Decision Procedures by Superposition Alessandro Armando, Silvio Ranise, and Michael Rusinowitch
38 Decision Procedure for an Extension of WS1S Felix Klaedtke
40 A principle of induction Keye Martin
42 Quadratic correctness criterion for Non commutative Logic Mogbil Virgile
45 An Algebraic Foundation for Higraphs John Power, Konstantinos Tourlas
46 A Logic for Abstract State Machines Robert Staerk and Stanislas Nanchen
50 Inflationary Fixed Points in Modal Logic A. Dawar, E. Grädel, S. Kreutzer
52 Non-Commutativity and MELL in the Calculus of Structures Alessio Guglielmi and Lutz Strassburger
53 Semantic Characterisations of Second-order Computability Over the Real Numbers M. Korovina, O. Kudinov
56 An Abstract Look at Realizability Edmund Robinson Giuseppe Rosolini
57 Categorical and Kripke Semantics for Constructive Modal Logics Natasha Alechina, Michael Mendler, Valeria de Paiva, Eike Ritter
58 Life without the terminal type Lutz Schroeder
59 Constrained Hyper Tableaux Jan van Eijck
61 Decidable Navigation Logics for Object Structures Frank S. de Boer and Rogier M. van Eijk
62 The Decidability of Model Checking Mobile Ambients Witold Charatonik and Jean-Marc Talbot
65 Actual arithmetic and feasibility Jean-Yves Marion
66 The natural order-generic collapse for omega-representable databases over the rational and the real ordered group Nicole Schweikardt
68 On a generalisation of Herbrand's Theorem Matthias Baaz and Georg Moser
73 The Expressive Power of Horn Monadic Linear Logic Max Kanovich
77 The Anatomy of Innocence Vincent Danos Russell Harmer
83 Markov's Principle for Propositional Type Theory Alexei Kopylov and Aleksey Nogin
85 Recursion for Higher-Order Encodings Carsten Schuermann
87 Monotone Inductive and Coinductive Constructors of Rank 2 Ralph Matthes
88 Complete Categorical Equational Deduction Grigore Rosu
89 A Fully Complete Minimal PER Model for the Simply Typed lambda-calculus Samson Abramsky Marina Lenisa
91 Well-Founded Recursive Relations Jean Goubault-Larrecq
93 Beyond the Regularity: Equational Tree Automata for Associative and Commutative Theories Hitoshi Ohsaki

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